Fu Shengyuan Demonstrates Yang Style Tai Chi Sword

Fu Shengyuan (1931 – 2017) demonstrates the Sword form of the traditional Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan. He was a 5th generation lineage master of the Yang family Tai Chi Chuan. His father was the famous Fu Zhong Wen, who was a senior disciple of the 3rd generation Yang Family master Yang Cheng Fu.

Fu Zhongwen started teaching his son, Fu Shengyuan, the Yang family style of Tai Chi Chuan at the early age of nine years old. Fu trained hard from when he was young, learning the traditions of his father, and the generations of Yang family masters before him.

Fu Shenyuan was well known to promote the traditional art of the Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan. He traveled around the globe teaching seminars and workshops, and has students with schools in Countries such as the United States, England, Australia, and India. His lineage and traditions are continued by his son, (James) Fu Qing Quan.

Click on the image below to see more about this instructional DVD on the Yang style Ta Chi Sword. (James) Fu Qing Quan, the son of Fu Shengyuan, teaches the Yang Family Tai Chi Sword which he performs in this video. A great reference for those wanting to learn more about this wonderful Tai Chi Sword Form!

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