Wu Tai Chi Fight Against White Crane Kung Fu

Here is a rare video of the entire newsreel of the famous fight between Wu style Tai Chi Chuan master Wu Kung Yi (1898–1970) and White Crane Kung Fu master Chen Ke Fu . The bout was held in Macau on January of 1954. Wu Kung Yi felt that the honor of Tai Chi Chuan as a martial art needed to be defended and agreed to take part in an organized fight with all the proceeds to go towards charity.

One of the highlights of this old newsreel is the footage of the famous Yang Tai Chi Chuan master Tung Ying Chieh (1898–1961). In this video he is seen in what may be the only footage of him in a friendly exchange with Eagle Claw Kung Fu master Lau Fat Man to demonstrate the rules of the bout, as well as Tung Ying Chieh demonstrating a portion of his Tung’s Fast set of Tai Chi Chuan!

There is much controversy about the martial ability which both Wu Kung Yi and Chen Ke Fu demonstrated during this fight. At the time, Wu Kung Yi was 53 years old and the younger Chen Ke Fu was in his thirty’s. One thing to remember is that neither of these martial arts were designed to be fought in a ring with rules to limit their techniques, for example it was agreed upon that there would be no kicks during the bout.

The fight soon started to escalate in its intensity, and was stopped after Chen Ke Fu received a bloody nose from a punch by Wu Kung Yi. It was also reported that the arms of Chen Ke Fu were extremely bruised by the Hammer Fists of Wu Kung Yi.

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  1. I have studied both styles under great masters and wondered how each, both in their late 70 would fair. Not like this.

  2. This is a disgrace. More like a street fight than Tai CHi. Masters? Of what? I would be ashamed if either was me

  3. This is what street fighting is really like. Everyone is so use to the nicely polished fights we see in the movies, that you’re not use to what a REAL fight looks like. These masters weren’t trying to kill each other like in an MMA fight, they were battling for dominance not knock out. There is style and technique in there movements and philosophy behind how they move. It’s just not as flamboyant and obvious like in the movies.

  4. I couldn’t tell Wu from Wu!!

  5. Pathetic. Only punches. No tecnique. Those guys dont even have balance. hahahaha