Chen Shi Tong demonstrates Chen Tai Chi – Part 1

Chen Shi Tong is a 19th generation master of Chen Family Tai Chi Chuan. In this video he performs the Da (Lao) Jia Yilu form from his family’s style of Tai Chi in this video. Chen Shi Tong, who was born in 1947, was a student of Chen Zhao Pei, an 18th generation Chen master who had learned from his famous uncle, Chen Fake.

Watch Chen Shi Tong demonstrates Chen Tai Chi – Part 2

Chen Zhao Pei was one of the first to teach the Chen Style of Tai Chi Chuan outside of the Chen Family Village. In 1928, Chen Zhao Pei was invited to teach in Beijing, and then in 1930 he was invited to teach in Nanjing. Chen Zhao Pei returned the the Chen Family Village to teach in 1958.

Click on the image below to check out this excellent book below which explains the five different levels of Tai Chi Chuan. This book was written by 19th generation Chen Family Tai Chi Chuan master Chen Xiaowang, and is translated by the original Chinese text by Jan Silberstorff.

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