Liang Shou Yu Demonstrates 24 Form Tai Chi

Liang Shou Yu demonstrates the Beijing (Simplified) 24 Form, often referred to as the Yang Short Form. Liang began training Qigong at the age of 6 years old, from his grandfather Liang Zhi Xiang, who then started teaching the Emei style of Kung Fu to him when at 8 years old.

Liang Shou Yu went on to learn and eventually teach the standardized Chinese Wushu routines, and various styles of Chinese Internal Martial Arts. He has coached and judged at many major tournaments in China and North America.

Liang Shou Yu has a large school in Vancouver, BC, Canada where he has trained many students and instructors in Chinese Wushu as well as various styles of Tai Chi Chuan and other Internal Arts. Liang has authored many books and articles on the Chinese Martial Arts and produced instructional DVD’s.

Click on the image below to see the book that Liang Shou Yu wrote about the 24 Form of Tai Chi!

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