What Is Tai Chi?

Best Tai Chi Videos presents a series of exclusive short excerpts from the acclaimed documentary “THE PROFESSOR: TAI CHI’S JOURNEY WEST“. Over the next few weeks we will post sections from the film on our website, and share them on our Facebook Page. Each section will focus on different aspects of Tai Chi.

The first of the series:

WHAT IS TAI CHI? Several students of Cheng Man-Ching (Ed Young, Carol Yamasaki, Don Hauser, and Ken Van Sickle) answer the question, illustrated with archival footage of Cheng.


Best Tai Chi Videos would like to thank Barry Strugatz, the director and producer of the film, for providing us with these series of excerpts to present on our website. We hope you enjoyed this excerpt from the documentary short film “THE PROFESSOR: TAI CHI’S JOURNEY WEST”.  For more information on the documentary please go to: tai-chifilm.com

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