90-Year-Old Performs Tai Chi Chuan

90-year-old Kang Youzhen is seen in this truly wonderful video performing Tai Chi Chuan. He starts his daily exercise routine by riding a bike to his practice area. Once there, this spry senior citizen then starts his workout with a set of warm-up exercises.

Once Kang Youzhen is sufficiently warmed up, he then begins to perform his set of movements of the Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, followed up with the traditional Yang Tai Chi Sword form. After he is finished his Tai Chi routines, Kang Youzhen then finishes off his daily exercise with a sitting of mindful meditation.

Please enjoy watching Kang Youzhen going through the sequences of his exercise routine.

This Tai Chi video illustrates just how beneficial daily practice of  Tai Chi Chuan can be.  Active movement and daily routine are very important to one’s health and well being as they get older. Tai Chi is an excellent exercise, as it incorporates the working of both the body and the mind.

Below is an excellent instructional DVD aimed at Tai Chi for older adults. This is good for seniors who are just getting into Tai Chi and all of the benefits this wonderful exercise can help them with.

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  1. Nice routine, when life get old nothing better than a good Tai-Chi exercise to peace the soul.


  3. ME ENCANTA como se mueve el señor de 90 años !

  4. magnifique démonstration !! nous devons toujours rester humbles, c’est la première règle, la seconde dans le cas présent, c’est le Respect !!! Merci