Cheng Man Ching Teaching Beginner Class – Part 2

This is Part 2 of the video of Cheng Man Ching (1902 – 1975) leading a class of beginners through the movements of the 37 Movement Yang Form. This 8mm film footage from the 1960′s was taken at the Tai Chi school in New York City that Cheng Man Ching founded. Even though there is no sound on the film, you can still benefit from watching and studying the movements of Cheng Man Ching performing the form with his students.

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Cheng Man Ching was a student of famous 3rd generation master Yang Cheng Fu of tang Family style of Tai Chi Chuan. Some time after learning with Yang, Cheng went on to develop his his own 37-movement shortened version of the Tai Chi form based on the Yang style. Cheng Man Ching taught Tai Chi to students such as Benjamen Lo, T.T. Liang, William C.C. Chen and others while he lived in Taiwan. Cheng eventually moved to the United States and taught such students as Stan Israel, Maggie Newman, Lou Klinesmith, Ed Young, and Ken Van Sickle.

Take a look at the book below, which was written by Cheng Man Ching. A valuable resource for any practitioner of Tai Chi to own.

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