Choy Hok Peng Demonstrates Yang Style Tai Chi

Choy Hok Peng (1886-1957) demonstrates the Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan Long Form and Sword Form in this old film footage. Choy Hok Peng had learned the Yang style of Tai Chi from the famous 3rd generation master Yang Cheng Fu, as well as his student Chen Wei Ming.

Choy Hok Peng was invited by the San Francisco – China Trading Company  to teach Tai Chi to their workers. He moved to the San Fransisco area and established the “Taijiquan Academy of the United States” from 1939-1947.  Choy Hok Peng is believed to be the earliest Tai Chi teacher to come over and teach the art of Tai Chi Chuan.

Choy Hok Peng ended up staying in the U,S longer due to WW2. In 1949 he moved to Hong Kong with his family and lived and taught there until his death in 1957. It was in Hong Kong that Choy taught Gerta Geddes, one of the very first western women to learn Tai Chi Chuan (Sophia Delza learned Wu style Tai Chi before Geddes). After the death of Choy Hok Pang, Gerta Geddes continued learning width his son, Choy Kam Man.

Awhile after Choy Hok Peng died, his son Choy Kam Man moved back to the United States and began teaching Tai Chi publicly in San Fransisco. Choy Kam Man carried on the traditions taught to him by his father, and had many students who are still teaching today.

Click on the image below to check out this must have book for the Yang style practitioner. It was written by the teacher of Choy Hok Peng, Yang Chengfu, and translated by Louis Swaim.

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