Hsiung Yang Ho (Xiong Yangho) – Yang Style Tai Chi

Hsiung Yang Ho (1886-1984) performs the Yang style Tai Chi Chuan form in this film from 1973 when he was about 85 years old. He learned his Tai Chi Chuan from both Yang Chien Hou and Yang Shao Hou. Hsiung Yang Ho was one of the few disciples of Yang Shao Hou, with whom he studied with for more than thirteen years.

Hsiung Yang Ho had written an book on the Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan that he learned from Yang Shao Hou, but unfortunately I believe that book is now out of print and no longer available.

Stabilized 2 from B dub on Vimeo.

Hsiung Yang Ho eventually moved to Taiwan, where both Tchoung Ta Tchen and Liang Tsung Tsai became students. Hsiung was a favorite teacher of Liang Tsung Tsai. Another of Hsiung’s students in Taiwan was Chen De Yang.

Check out this fantastic book on Tai Chi Chuan by Liang Tsung Tsai. It has been a favorite of Tai Chi practitioners for years! Click on the image below to see more!

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  1. Veronica Allievi

    I cannot see the video… I just see a black screen. Sbody shared it on facebook. Please send me a proper link to see it. thank you. regards,

  2. Hermann Bohn

    Xiong Yanghe’s book in Chinese is still available in Taiwan. His teachings art alive and well, I study that large system with Master Li Guguang, one of the last and very beloved students of Xiong (Li married the daughter of Xiong’s employer in Yilan).

  3. AKAIK you\’ve got the anwser in one!

  4. Moving Video!!

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