Nui Chunming Demonstrates Yang Tai Chi Chuan

Nui Chunming (1881-1961) is seen here performing traditional Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan in this video. Nui Chunming would have been close to 80-years-old when this was filmed in 1960. Unfortunately Nui Chunming passed away the year after this was filmed.

Nui Chunming first started learning Yang Tai Chi from Yang Jianhou at the age of 21-years-old in 1902. After the death of Yang Jianhou, Nui Chunming became a disciple of Yang Chengfu.

Check out this DVD below. It is the Yang long form performed by Ding Shuide, a student of Nui Chunming.

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  1. Betsy Thomas

    If only……unbelievably wondrous!

  2. Just beautiful. I loved the stopping to show with lines the secret to good balance….head top suspended over a straight spine. He shows the beauty of strong legs.

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