Sun Jianyun – 1984 Tai Chi Masters Demonstration

Sun Jianyun (1914-2003) demonstrates the long form from the traditional Sun style of Tai Chi Chuan in this video. The demonstration was part of the opening ceremony of the First International Tai Chi Chuan Competition held during April of 1984 in Wuhan, China.

Sun Jianyun was the daughter of the famous Sun Lutang, who was the founder of this style. She began training at an early age from her father, and began teaching the family art at the age of 14. When Sun Jianyun was 17 years old, she began teaching a program of Tai Chi exclusively for  women, which was started by her father. Sadly, during the communist revolution she was imprisoned for three years, and did not teach again until many years later.

Her father, Sun Lutang (1861–1932), developed the Sun Style of Tai Chi Chuan from his earliar background and experience in the Chinese martial arts. Sun studied Tai Chi from the Wu/Hao master Hao WeiChen, Baguazhang from Cheng Ting Hua, and was also well versed in Hsing-i Chuan.

Check out this excellent book on Sun style of Tai Chi Chuan written by Sun Lu Tang and translated by Tim Cartmell. Click on the image to see more!

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