Sun Lu Tang Tai Chi Chuan

In this tai chi video we see a series of pictures of the famous Sun Lu Tang  (1860-1933) performing the Sun style of Tai Chi Chuan that he created. Sun Lu Tang learned Baguazhang from the Cheng TingHua, and Tai Chi from the famous Wu/Hao  master Hao WeiChen. Sun was also well versed in Hsing-i Chuan. It was from his experience from these arts that he created the Sun style of Tai Chi Chuan.

Sun Lu Tang married Zhang Zhouxian in 1891. Together they had three sons and a daughter. Perhaps the most well known of his children was Sun Jianyun (1914-2003).  She had  learned the Sun style of Tai Chi Chuan from her father at a very early age, even started to teach by the age of 14 years old!

Below is an excellent book  which was written by Sun Lu Tang in 1919 on the study of Sun style Tai Chi Chuan. This translation of the book is by Tim Cartmell, who had studied the Sun style of Tai Chi Chuan from Sun Jianyun.

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    Ansestor Tai Chi Gran Master I love it

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