T.T. Liang Performs Two Person San Shou

Liang Tung Tsai (1900-2002) demonstrates the Yang style Tai Chi Chuan two person San Shou routine with his student Enoch Yu. This was filmed when Liang was younger and still living in Taiwan.

T.T. Liang was a senior disciple of Cheng Man Ching, but also studied Tai Chi with various other teachers, such as Li Shou Chen and Hsiung Yang Ho (disciples of Yang Shao Hou) and Chang Ch’ing Ling (Disciple of Yang Pan Hou).

In 1964, T.T. Liang went to the United States, after his teacher Cheng Man Ching having moved to New York City. T.T. Liang also lived and taught Tai Chi Chuan in New York for a while. After New York, Liang moved and settled in Boston where he taught Tai Chi. After T.T. Liang retired, he moved to St. Cloud, Minnesota in 1981. However, even after he retired he still continued teaching Tai Chi in St. Cloud,  mainly at the request of his students.

Below is a book  with a collection of class notes from T.T. Liang’s classes  as recorded, compiled and edited by author Ray Hayward. Click on the image to see more!

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