Tchoung Ta Tchen Performing Double Yang Style

Tchoung Ta Tchen (1911-2000) demonstrates his  Style form in 1972 while in South Africa. Tchoung created his Yang’s Dual Tai Chi Chuan style (also known as Symmetrical Old Yang style Tai Chi) in the late 1960’s. Tchoung Ta Tchen studied Yang style Tai Chi Chuan with Shi Tiao Mei who was a student of Tian Shaolin. As well, Tchoung learned from Hsiung Yang Ho who was one of the few disciples of Yang Shao Hao.

Tchoung Ta Tchen was friends and work out partner with T. T. Liang, who also learned from Hsiung Yang Ho. Tchoung was also a pushing hands partner of Cheng Man Ching. Tchoung Ta Tchen also practiced with Kuo Lien Ying, and was friends with many other contemporaries of that era.

Below is the book “The Annotated Theoretical and Practical Tai Chi Chuan” which was written by Tchoung Ta Tchen about his  Double Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan. Click on the image below to see more!

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  1. Este hermoso Arte Marcial es una maravilla en lo fisico, espiritual y terapeuticamente me gusta mucho
    aunque ya soy persona mayor me gustaria aprenderlo lo meejor posible estoy en la insipiencia si fuera posible unllibro que me ilustrra mejor sería marvilloso Muchas Gracia.

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  3. Thanks for great historical videos

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