The 108 Postures of Yang Cheng Fu

Pencil drawings of Yang Cheng Fu (1883–1936), undoubtedly the most influential figure in the popularity of modern day Tai Chi. This video features the 108 postures of the traditional Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan. These drawings are based on the photographs from Methods of Applying Tai Chi Boxing, written by Yang Cheng Fu and published in 1931.

Yang Cheng Fu was the grandson of the founder of Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan, Yang Lu Chan (1799-1872), and the son of the 2nd generation Yang Tai Chi master Yang Chien Hou (1839-1917).

These drawings really capture the balance and symmetry of the Postures of Yang Cheng Fu. They were drawn by Matthias Wagner, and are from the drawings in his German translation of Yang Chengfu’s 太极拳体用全书。”Das vollständige Buch von Form und Anwendung des Taijiquan” ISBN 978-3-00-035699-5.

Click on the book below to check out this great translation by Louis Swaim of the Tai Chi Manual written by Yang Cheng Fu.

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  2. Brought back loads of memories, both physical and mental, of doing the form years ago, the music is relaxing to listen to and matches (obviously) the pictures – which are absolutely fabulous, they look like photo’s and remembering the shapes was/is good for the soul!

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  4. Amazing drawings but since posture descriptions are “auf Deutschland ” I guess I should say Wunderbar!

  5. I love these drawings they are classless…and even if you dont know the 108 you can see the beauty in the form and the execution. Love it!

  6. What is the title of the music and who is performing the track ?

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