Tung Family Gathering of Tai Chi Chuan

In this video filmed in 2006 in Hong Kong, you can see the descendants of the famous Tung Ying Chieh. Various Tung/Dong family members and students demonstrate different sets from their family’s style of Tai Chi Chuan. The 1st performer is Jasmine Tung with Tai Chi sword set, the Tung Kai Ying demonstrates the Yang style Tai Chi Slow Set, 3rd is Dong Zeng Chen doing Kaihe Tai Chi Chuan, 4th is Alex Dong with the Tai Chi Chang Dao (Long saber set), and 5th is Chen Wei Tung doing the Tung Family Tai Chi fast set.

Tung Ying Chieh was one of the top disciples of Yang Cheng Fu, often accompanying him on trips to assist with the teaching of the Traditional Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan. The teachings of the Yang style lineage through Tung Ying Chieh has a strong following around the world.  His direct students along with his son, Tung Huling, grandsons Tung Kai Ying and Dong Zeng Chen, and great grandsons Tung Chen Wei and Alex Dong have been instrumental in teaching students the strong traditional training of Tung’s Tai Chi Chuan.

Check out this great book for the Yang style practitioner. It was written by the teacher of Tung Ying Chieh, Yang Chengfu, and was translated by Louis Swaim.

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