Tung Hu Ling Pushing Hands

Tung Hu Ling (1917-1992) and a student perform the basic push hands sequence and three step pushing of the classic Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan. Filmed when Tung Hu Ling was younger, possibly when he was in Thailand on one of his trips to teach Tai Chi Chuan.

Tung Hu Ling was taught Tai Chi Chuan by his father Tung Ying Chieh, who was a prominent disciple of the Yang Family’s 3rd generation master Yang Cheng Fu. Tung Hu Ling also had the wonderful opportunity to be personally tutored by Yang Cheng Fu in the Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan.

Below is a great book for the Tai Chi enthusiast to have in their library! This book gathers together the written and photographic records of the teachings of the Yang Family about their style of Tai Chi Chuan. Click on the image below to see more about this great book!

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  1. Toni DeMoulin Thanks very much!! Its wonderful to see and watch my teacher again after his father Sr. Tung. It brings back old memories. Thank you.

  2. This kind of push hand is excellent. And show how to apply the traditional taichi chuan for self defence.

  3. rare footage, thank you.

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