Tung Kai Ying Push Hands

In 1999 Tung Kai Ying and over 200 of his students from around the world traveled to China. This video was filmed at the International Tai Chi Celebration for Master Tung in Xingtai, China, not too far from his home town of Renxian. As part of the celebration event, Tung Kai Ying demonstrated Push Hands techniques with his student Paul Drake.

Tung Kai Ying began learning Tai Chi Chuan at a very early age in his home town of Renxian. At the age of 14 years old, he moved to Hong Kong and live with his grandfather, Tung Ying Chieh, who was a senior student of the famous Yang Cheng Fu. Tung Kai Ying learned much from his grandfather and later helped his father, Tung Hu Ling, with classes as well as continuing learning after his grandfather passed away.

In 1971 Tung Kai Ying moved to Los Angeles in the United States where over the years he taught many students. Tung Kai Ying has since spread the art that was passed down to his family by Yang Cheng Fu to many places around the world through classes, seminars, and training camps.

Below is an excellent book for students of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan! Written by Yang Cheng Fu, and translated by Louis Swaim. This is a must have book for the serious student.

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