Wang Yongquan – Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

Wang Yongquan (1903 ~ 1987) is seen demonstrating the Long Form of Yang’s Tai Chi Chuan. This short clip was filmed in the 1950’s and gives us a glimpse to see how the old masters performed their Tai Chi movements. Wang Yongquan began his tutelage of Tai Chi from the age of seven from the Yang Family. He was taught alongside his father by Yang Jianhou as well as receiving instruction from Yang Shaohou at the Yang Family house.

At the age of 14 years old, Wang Yongquan became a student of Yang Cheng Fu with the recommendation of Yang Jianhou.At the age of 23 years old, he began teaching the Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan at a High School, Hospital, and various other locations. Wang Yongquan became a famous teacher and well respected elder of the Tai Chi community.

Below is an excellent book for the Yang style practitioner of Tai Chi Chuan. It was written by Yang Chengfu, who was the teacher of Wang Yongquan. A well done translation by Louis Swaim.

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  1. tai chi igual ao nossso

  2. Es una danza de tranquilidad, de felicidad para la paz. <lo declaro mi amigo en la distancia.

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