Wu Tunan Performing Tai Chi

Wu Tunan (1884 – 1989) is seen performing a section of his Wu style Tai Chi Fast Set. This is said to be the Yang family application form that Wu Tunan learned from Yang Shao Hou. This was filmed in Wuhan, China, in April 1984. It was during the opening ceremony of the First International Tai Chi Chuan Competition. Wu Tunan was reportedly a student of Yang Shao Hou for 4 years and Wu Chien Chuan for 8 years.

Wu Tunan past was not without controversy. There is some talk of discrepancies with the actual age of Wu Tunan, as he is reported to live to 105 years old. There are also reports of Wu Tunan having a conversation with the famous Chen Tai Chi master Chen Fake about whether or not the Chen family style was to be considered Tai Chi Chuan or not. No matter, Wu Tunan was known as a great contributor to  the Tai Chi Community. He wrote a book in 1984 called “Taijiquan Zhi Yanjiu” (Research on ton Tai Chi Chuan).

Below is an interesting book on the Wu style of Tai Chi Chuan that was written by author Mantak Chia.

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  1. How inspiring, gives us all the more reason to practice more and better as it is something to look forward to as we age. If I can be as vital, mobile, energetic and able to fa-jing well as Wu Tunan when I reach 100 I’ll be very happy. If you don’t mind I’d like to post this link up on my Tai Chi blog.

  2. Szeretnék 100 évesen így mozogni,élmény volt megnézni a mester videóját.

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