Wu Yinghua Performs Wu Family Tai Chi Spear

Wu Yinghua (1907–1996) demonstrates the Spear Form of the Wu Family style of Tai Chi Chuan. The spear is one of the more advanced weapons of Tai Chi Chuan. It is usually learned after becoming proficient with the other weapons used in Tai Chi Chuan.

Wu Yinghua was the eldest daughter of the famous Wu Chien Chuan (Jianquan). She started learning the family art at the age of 9 years old from her father. In 1930 Wu Yinghua married Ma Yueh-liang, who was her father’s senior disciple. They both actively taught the Wu style to many students well into their elderly years.

Below is a must have book on traditional Wu style of Tai Chi Chuan which was authored by Wu Yinghua. This is an excellent book for the Wu Tai Chi enthusiast as a link to the past teachings of the old masters! Click on the image below to see more.

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