Yang Style Tai Chi Sword By Jasmine Tung

Jasmine Tung (1940-2009) performs the sword form from the Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan in this video. She began her training at an early age from her father, the famous Tai Chi master Tung Ying Chieh (one of the main disciples of Yang Cheng Fu).

As a teenager, Jasmine Tung helped teach classes at her father’s school. After Tung Ying Chieh passed away in 1961 her brother Tung Hu Ling took over the teaching at the school. Tung Hu Ling eventually moved to the United States, after which time in 1966 Jasmine Tung became the head of the Hong Kong school of her father, the Tung Ying Chieh Tai Chi Chuan Gymnasium.

Jasmine Tung became very active in the Tai Chi community. She became an International Martial Arts referee in 1987, and was appointed the Honorary President of the Hong Kong Wushu Federation in 1987. Jasmine Tung eventually served on many Committees and Federations for the Chinese Martial Arts.

Jasmine Tung was responsible for organizing the Tung Family Grand Gathering in Hong Kong in 2006. At this event were Tai Chi masters from the Tung Family, as well as many of their students from all over the world. Another project that she started working on was a book on her father’s Tai Chi Chuan. As part of the preparation of the book she traveled across the globe to visit with the few remaining students of Tung Ying Chieh, and interviewed them about their experiences and memories of her father. Unfortunately Jasmine Tung passed away before the book was finished. Her presence in the Tai Chi world will truly be missed.

Check out the book below on the Yang stye Tai Chi Sword by Chen Wei Ming, a student of Yang Cheng Fu and a contemporary of Tung Ying Chieh!


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