Yang Zhen Duo Push Hands

This Tai Chi video from 1988 is rare in that there is very little video of Yang Zhen Duo performing push hands. Yang Zhen Dou is the son of Yang Cheng Fu, the famous 3rd generation master of the Yang Family style of Tai Chi Chuan.

Yang Zhen Duo, who was born in 1926, began learning the family art from his father when he was only 6 years old. After Yang Cheng Fu died in 1936, he continued his studies along with his with his elder brothers Yang Sau Chung, Yang Zhen Ji, and his younger brother Yang Zhen Guo.

Yang Zhen Duo has taught countless students over the years, teaching classes and seminars across China and many countries overseas. Yang Zhen Duo became the 4th generation lineage holder of his family’s style of Tai Chi Chuan after his eldest brother Yang Sau Chung died. He has worked hard to further the knowledge of the Traditional Yang Family style of Tai Chi Chuan.

In July of 2009, at the First International Tai Chi Chuan Symposium in Nashville, Tennessee, Yang Zhen Duo formally announced that his grandson Yang Jun would become the fifth lineage-holder of Traditional Yang style Tai Chi Chuan.

Below is an instructional DVD on the Traditional Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan. It features Yang Jun, and has English instruction on the Yang Long Form. Click on the image to see more!

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  1. You can see from watching this video that the student is not bothering to take the center and is leaning back during most of the video. The Master is always in the center, hence his easy victories. Obviously this student was not too experienced. Lesson: One must take over the center of the two person circle.

  2. The school of which I am a very very beginning beginner…

    Good folks.

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