Yang Zhenduo Demonstrates Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

Yang Zhenduo demonstrates a section of the Long Form from the Yang Family style of Tai Chi Chuan. Yang Zhenduo is the son of the famous Yang Cheng Fu, the 3rd generation Yang Family Tai Chi master. Yang Zhenduo was about 10 years old when his father passed away. He continued his Tai Chi studies with other family members and students of Yang Cheng Fu.

The grandson of Yang Zhenduo, Yang Jun, has been named as the successor of the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association and currently teaches in Seattle, USA. Both Yang Zhenduo and Yang Jun have been instrumental in spreading the art of the Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan around the world.

In this must-have book for the practitioner of the Yang style or any Tai Chi enthusiast, Douglas Wile translates and gives commentary on some of the most important teachings of the Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan that was passed down by songs, poems, and the oral traditions. The book includes photographs of Yang Cheng Fu. Click on the image below to see more!

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  1. Mr Yang exudes chi by just standing there. It’s amazing that at his age, his movements are so focused and intentional. I wish I could see him in person !

  2. i like this wonderful demonstration.

  3. That was nice to watch looks so relaxing

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