Yang Zhenji Performs Yang Tai Chi Saber

Yang Zhenji (1921-2007) performs the Saber Form of the traditional Tai Chi Chuan of the Yang Family. Yang Zhenji, the 2nd son of the famous Yang Cheng Fu, was a 4th generation master of Tai Chi Chuan of the Yang Family. He began his training in Tai Chi early at the age of 6 years old from his father, as well as his older brother Yang Sauchung.

Yang Zhenji worked hard to learn the Tai Chi Chuan of his family. After many years of training, he had fully grasped the essence of the Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan. During the 1940’s, Yang Zhenji started to teach Tai Chi on his own and traveled China to teach his family’s art. Many Tai Chi Chuan practitioners of the Yang style around the world trace their lineage through Yang Zhenji.

Below is an excellent instructional DVD by Yang Zhenduo, the younger brother of Yang Zhenji.

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