10-Year-Old Performs Chen Tai Chi Chuan

Here is a Tai Chi Video of an amazing 10-year-old boy performing the Lao Jia Yi Lu routine from Chen style Tai Chi Chuan in a Park in China. His name is Chang Xuan Wei and he began his training with Wang Xian when he was only six-years-old. Wang was so impressed with the talent of the little boy that he made Chang Xuan Wei one of his disciples.

Wang Xian is one of the 19th generation Chen Tai Chi successors to the famous 18th generation Grand master Chen Zhao Kui. Wang Xian is one of the Four Tigers, a phrase first used by a journalist in the early 1980′s to describe the four top Chen Tai Chi practitioners at that time. That title stuck, and now Wang Xian, Zhu Tiancai, Chen Xiaowang, and Chen Zhenlei are always referred to as the Four Tigers Of Chen Village.

Click on the image below to see more about this interesting book on the Chen style of Tai Chi Chuan and the traditional instructions that have been passed down from the Chen Village!

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  1. Awesome…he made his teachers and art very proud.

  2. Какая пластика, сила и жизнь в этой форме

  3. Wow! He is amazing!

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