Kids Performing Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan

This wonderful group of children are performing the Laojia Yilu form of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan in this video. Filmed in 2011, the performance was part of a presentation of the Chen style Tai Chi Chuan school of master Wang Xian.

Wang Xian is one of the 19th generation lineage holders of the Chen family style of Tai Chi Chuan. He was a disciple of the famous Chen Zhao Kui. Wang Xian is known as one of the Four Tigers of the Chen Village. The other members of the Four Tigers are Zhu Tiancai, Chen Xiaowang, and Chen Zhenlei.

This is great documentary on the Chen Village, which is often referred to as the birthplace of Tai Chi Chuan! Click on the image below to see more about this informative documentary!

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  1. I can’t get down low at my age, I wish I had started studying Tai Chi much younger.

  2. Great, kids practicing this art, good future and longevity.

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