Chen Quan Zhong Performs Chen Tai Chi 36 Form

In this Tai Chi video, Chen Quan Zhong performs the 36 movement form of the Chen style of Tai Chi Chuan. Chen Quan Zhong is considered to be the most senior of the 19th generation of Chen Family Tai Chi Chuan masters. The style of Tai Chi Chuan that Chen Quan Zhong practices is considered the oldest of the versions of the Chen Family. He began his training in the family’s art from his father, Chen Shi Gong, at the age of 5 years old.

Chen Quan Zhong had the good fortune to learn with members of the 17th generation Chen Family members, Chen Sheng San and Chen Guo Ying. He was also instructed by the 16th generation member Chen Liang Zhi. His final teacher, Chen Shou Li, was a student of the famous Chen Fake.

Chen Quan Zhong created the Chen style 36 forms in 1990 to make Tai Chi CHuan more accessible for beginners. He reduced the number of repetitions in the form without simplifying the style.

Below is a DVD by Shawn Cartwright, who is a 20th generation indoor student of master Chen Quan Zhong. It features instruction in the forms and exercises of this line of Chen Tai Chi Chuan with some rarely seen Tai Chi drills.

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