Girl Demonstrates Chen Style Tai Chi

Student Lou Yan demonstrates the Chen style of Tai Chi Chuan in this video from 2008. She is a student of the famous Chen style Tai Chi teacher Wang Xian. She is presently coaching at the Tai Chi school of Wang Xian.

Wang Xian is one of the 19th generation lineage successors of the Chen style of Tai Chi Chuan. He was also a disciple of Chen Zhao Kui, the famous 18th generation Chen Family Tai Chi Grand master. Wang Xian, along with Zhu Tiancai, Chen Xiaowang, and Chen Zhenlei, is known as one of the Four Tigers of the Chen Village. The term “Four Tigers” was given to them by a journalist in the 1980’s for being the top four practitioners of the Chen Village during that time period.

Below is a DVD which features Wang Xian and the traditional forms of the Chen family of Tai Chi Chuan. Click on the image to see more information!

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