Beijing 48 Performed By One Of It’s Creators.

Wang Xin Wu, one of the creators of the Beijing 48 Competition form, demonstrates the set for onlookers.

Li De Yin and Men Hui Feng were the other two masters who helped create the 48 form in 1976. It was created to be a competition form but was soon replaced by the 42 Movement Form in 1989.

Click on the image below to see a book by Liang Shou Yu which has instruction on the 48 Tai Chi form along with the martial applications of the movements.

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  1. I am preparing myself to be able to practice Tai Chi,as a camera operator it’s good for my handheld shots and of course health investment!

  2. so graceful…

  3. The Beijing Combined Forms were created as a means of burying the traditional family forms in an attempt to “modernize” the ancient art of taijiquan. Labeling them as “competition” forms was merely covering the attempt of the Cultural Revolution of China to destroy traditional forms with standardized modern forms for competition; thus removing the tradition and history that the Cultural Revolution worked so hard to stamp out during the ’70s. While all martial arts are a natural, organically-evolving phenomenon, this was nothing more than a totalitarian regime attempting to excise the traditions of China, and not a natural progression of the art overall. Instead, it was an attempt to destroy the originals and replace them with the standardization of modern China. Even the Chen Village, the birthplace of taijiquan, is being “modernized” by the government in an attempt to trivialize these long-standing traditions of what China once was.

  4. it appears that he skipped a whole section .

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