Tai Chi Of Liu Pai Lin

Liu Pai Lin (1907 – 2000) performs his style of Tai Chi Chuan known as Pai Lin Tai Chi. Liu Pai Lin learned Tai Chi Chuan from the famous 3rd generation Yang family master Yang Cheng Fu. He also studied with Zhang Qin Ling who was a student of Yang Cheng Fu and Yang Chien Hou.

Liu Pai Lin was also a Taoist, having begun his training in the Taoist arts with his great-uncle Liu Yuen Pu,  who was recognized in China as a Taoist Grand Master.  Liu also studied under the great Taoist and Secret of Longevity master Li Ching Yuen.

Liu Pai Lin moved to São Paulo, Brazil in 1975 after retiring from the military in China. It was there that he founded the São Paulo Institute of Pai Lin Oriental Culture and Science.

Below is a book on the family of the first Tai Chi Chuan teacher of Liu Pai Lin, Yang Cheng Fu.

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