John Chung Li Demonstrates Hwa Yu Tai Chi Chuan

John Chung Li (1907-1982) performs the Hwa Yu Tai Chi form in 1970 in Boston, USA. Hwa Yu Tai Chi Chuan was the term that John Chung Li coined for the martial art of Liu He Ba Fa. During the 1970’s many people knew what Tai Chi was, but few had heard of Liu He Ba Fa. Many today that learned from John Chung Li may only know this art as Hwa Yu Tai Chi.

John Chung Li learned Liu He Ba Fa from Liang Zhi Peng while he was in Hong Kong, and taught the art for many years there. He moved to Boston in 1968, and opened the Hwa Yu Tai Chi Health Institute.

Take a look at this book by Glenn Newth, a practitioner of Hwa Yu Tai Chi. If you click on the link below, you can take a look at some of the pages inside the book! Click on the image to see more!

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