Wu Tai Sin Demonstrating Wu Family Tai Chi Chuan – Part 2

Wu Tai Sin (1933-2005) demonstrates the 2nd part of the Traditional Wu family style of Tai Chi Chuan Long Form. Wu Tai Sin is the the son of Wu Kung Cho, who’s father was the famous Wu Chien Chuan. Wu Tai Sin learned briefly from his grandfather, but later mostly was instructed by his uncle Wu Kung Yi, as well as his uncle’s senior disciples. Wu Kung Yi was famous for taking part in a public bout in Macau between himself and a much younger White Crane Kung Fu master Chen Ke Fu.

Watch Wu Tai Sin Demonstrating Wu Family Tai Chi Chuan – Part 1

Wu Tai Sin

Wu Tai Sin officially became head of the Wu Family as well as the Chairman of the Wu Style Tai Chi Federation in 2001 after the death of his cousin Wu Yan Hsia. He held this position until the year 2005.

Wu Tai Sin was instrumental in helping spread the teachings of the Wu Family system of Tai Chi Chuan. As well helping establish schools in Malaysia, Singapore and Manila, in his later years Wu Tai Sin also traveled to North America, teaching the Wu style in the cities of Toronto, Detroit and Vancouver.


Below is a book on the Wu style of Tai Chi Chuan by Yang Jwing-Ming. It features translations of many of the classic Wu style Tai Chi text, poems, and songs that were used in transmitting the art down family lineages.

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