Wu Tai Sin Demonstrating Wu Family Tai Chi Chuan

Wu Tai Sin (1933-2005) is seen in this video performing Part 1 of the Long Form of the Traditional Wu family style of Tai Chi Chuan. Wu Tai Sin is the youngest grandson of the famous Wu Chien Chuan, as well as the son of Wu Kung Cho. Wu Tai Sin began learning Tai Chi several years before Wu Chien Chuan passed away, and so was fortunate to have some time receiving instruction from his grandfather.

Watch Wu Tai Sin Demonstrating Wu Family Tai Chi Chuan – Part 2

In 1947 Wu Tai Sin relocated to Hong Kong to help his Uncle Wu Kung Yi with his Tai Chi School. As a result, Wu Tai Sin received much of his training in the Wu family system of Tai Chi Chuan from his Wu Kung Yi and the senior students of his uncle. During the 1950’s, Wu Tai Sin traveled to Malaysia, Singapore and Manila to establish schools to teach the Wu style of Tai Chi, many of which still exist today.

Below is a book on the Wu style of Tai Chi Chuan which was written by Wu Ying Hua, who was the aunt of Wu Tai Sin.

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