Chen Zhenglei Demonstrates Chen Family Tai Chi

Chen Zhenglei demonstrates Chen Family’s Tai Chi Chuan during the opening ceremonies at the 2015 Golden State International Wushu Championship. Chen Zhenglei is a 19th Generation Tai Chi master of Chen Family. He is also an 11th generation direct-line inheritor of the Chen Family style of Tai Chi Chuan. When was eight years old, he began his tai chi training from his famous uncle Chen Zhaopi and later from another famous uncle, Chen Zhaokui.

In 1972 Chen Zhenglei began teaching his family’s system of Tai Chi Chuan. For many years he has taught students from all over the world. Not only does Chen Zhenglei teach in China, but he also travels to other countries around the world. Chen Zhenglei has done much to help spread and preserve the art of Chen Family Tai Chi Chuan. He has made instructional DVDs as well as having authored several books on Tai Chi.

Below is one of the excellent instructional DVDs that feature Chen Zhenglei. Click on the image below to see more!

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