Chen Lifa Performs Chen Tai Chi Chuan

Chen Lifa was born in 1949 in the Chen Family Village. He is part of the rich cultural and martial heritage of the Chen Family style of Tai Chi Chuan.  He is the son of Chen Fulai, and grandson of Chen Shensan.  Besides learning from his father, Chen Lifa also with other family members, studying the Old style, Xiaojia Small Frame Chen Tai Chi Chuan from  Chen Kexin, Chen Liqing, and Chen Lixian.

When one hears of the masters of Chen Family Tai Chi Chuan, we  often think of well know names such as Chen Xiaowang, Chen Xiaoxing, Chen Zhenglei and others. However, there are others from the Chen Family Village that are very qualified and skilled in their family’s art, and Chen Lifa certainly seems to be one of those qualified individuals.

Below is an excellent DVD titled the “Chen Village”. This documentary by Empty Mind Films takes you inside the Chen village, known as the birthplace of Tai Chi. It features Chen Xiaowang, and his brother Chen Xiaoxing who is the head of the Chenjiagou tai chi school. Also featured in the film is Chen Ziqiang (son of Xiaoxing) and Chen Bing (a nephew of Xiaowang and Xiaoxing).

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