Tai Chi In A Chinese Park

This is a beautifully filmed video of people practicing Tai Chi and exercising at the Temple of Earth Park in Beijing.

Early every morning, hundreds of people gather to practice their Tai Chi and other exercises at parks in major cities in China and other countries of the world as well. If you get the chance to go practice your Tai Chi in one of these parks, it is a wonderful experience! The atmosphere and energy of training in the fresh air alongside many strangers is amazing. After a short time, they are no longer strangers.

Below is a great book on the benefits of Tai Chi and why we should all be practicing this wonderful art! Renown Tai Chi teacher and author Bruce Frantzis cites clinical studies as well as the practical experience of practitioners in this inspiring book! Click on the image below to see more!

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  1. A beautiful video. There is something special about doing tai chi in the park, amazing how disciplined and dedicated these people are. I wish I was!

  2. Brings back wonderful memories.

  3. i’d love to go to the park with a taiji sword. i go to the park now with a wooden sword and the cops ask me what i’m doing everytime. :p

  4. Very nice pratic for Anyone’s

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