Young Boy Performs Tai Chi Sword Form

The Tai Chi sword is an the most elegant of the weapons used in Tai Chi Chuan. It’s movements are more subtle and intricate than the Tai Chi Saber, so one would expect that for a Tai Chi practitioner to execute a well played Tai Chi Sword form they would have been practicing for a lengthy period of time.

This young boy in the video below defies that notion. He is seen demonstrating a wonderful set of the 42 step competition Tai Chi sword in Green Square, Zhengzhou, Henan province in China.

Weapons are an important part of the curriculum of the traditional styles of Tai Chi Chuan. The three main weapons of Tai Chi Chuan are the Saber, Double Edged Sword, and the Spear. Traditionally, the weapons were trained after some skill was achieved in the movements of the open hand form and push hands. The Saber was generally practice first, followed by the Sword and then the Spear.

Here is an excellent book on the Tai Chi Sword. It is written by Zhang Yun, and it offers basic and advanced principles relating to training, practical applications, and theory of the Tai Chi Double Edged Sword.

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