Students Of Hsiung Yang Ho Perform Tai Chi San Shou

Tai Chi students perform the Yang style 2-person San Shou routine under the watchful eye of Hsiung Yang Ho (1886-1984). This was filmed in 1973 in Taiwan.

Hsiung Yang Ho was one of the few disciples of Yang Shao Hou’s. Hsiung Yang Ho taught Tai Chi to both Tchoung Ta Tchen and Liang Tsung Tsai while he was in Taiwan. Hsiung was one of the favorite teachers of Liang Tsung Tsai.

If you have interest in the Tai Chi San Shou, then this book below is a must read and will enhance your practice! The book was written by Jonathan Russell, a senior student of Liang Tsung Tsai, and has photos of Liang demonstrating the San Shou with a student! Click on the image to see more.

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  1. ganga suakakaco chen stil ababa davi gadastan ex ox gaboda shanajakonda bagua i da ganadi gobar ggaa

  2. Nice, he was also the teacher of Tchoung Ta-chen. Tchoung and Liang were brothers. article on Tchoung’s version at

  3. me encanta este arte marcial…tai chi..¡.el video me paresio espectacular. me gustaria tener el libro ho descargarlo..¡

  4. Wonderful to see San Shou. Master Liang often referred to this as the dance of applications.

  5. That is a cool video. thanks for sharing. First time I saw that was today. I learned that form through a student of Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming many years ago.