Chen Push Hands Tai Chi Video

Two elderly women practice push hands in the tradition of Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan in this video. They show great agility, precision, and skill as they go through their push hands routine.

One can see by the movement of these two wonderful ladies that they must have been training for a long time, and have mastered the true foundation for the practice of the Chen style of Tai Chi Chuan. Tai Chi Chuan can truly be practiced by people of any age in the traditional methods!

Take a look at this book below. It is written by Chen Xiaowang, the famous 19th generation master of Chen Family Tai Chi Chuan. The book is translated word for word by Tai Chi enthusiast Jan Silberstorff, who is a student of Chen Xiaowang. Click on the image below for this must have book!

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  1. Smooth Push Hand , by this Two Wonderful lady.

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